VJ Register Australia

To qualify, you consider yourself a VJ, AV or Video Installation artist performing anywhere in Australia. International artists are welcome prior to your scheduled performance/installation Down Under or if already have done so in the past. Share the Visual Love!
  • Your stage name
  • Please list any VJ Collectives you are involved with.
  • Your Current Location
  • Your Personal Website
  • Please add your Facebook Account to be Included in VJ Union Australia Group.
  • Your Phone number is for Administration use only. It wont be listed publicly.
  • Your current e-mail for bookings.
  • List Australian or International Cities where you commonly perform. This will allow people searching for VJs in that area to seek artists who work there regularly. International has its own category, so it means you will be tagged with it.
  • Let people know about yourself and what you have done.
  • Add your prefered Music Genres you like VJing to. eg. This is so you don't get booked for Hardcore Gabba event while your focus is on Chill.:)
  • List any additional links, social networks, links to video demos, etc.

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